How (I Think) I Got 64 LinkedIn Recommendations In 2 Steps

Step 2

Whenever someone gives me genuine praise, I ask them to put it in writing. It sounds crude, I know.

I can’t tell you how much I appreciate compliments about my work. What a boost! I don’t feel it’s wrong to spread the word. And no, not everyone likes my work enough to write a recommendation.

First, I clarify what they meant when they told me. I want to know exactly how I helped. And I write that down, word-for-word.

Then I ask if they’re happy for me to share their feedback with other people who I’d love to help in similar ways. They’re usually pleased to help.

They often write a LinkedIn recommendation as soon as we connect on LinkedIn. Otherwise, I send a gentle reminder using the LinkedIn recommendations function. My requests go something like this: “Thanks for saying ‘[their words of praise]’ when I did [the valuable service I provided]. I’m so grateful you’re happy to share your feedback with other people who I’d love to help in similar ways. It’s easy for you to do using the link in this note. And it would help me a lot.”

Thanks to everyone who’s done that so far! I really appreciate every single one.

Step 1

Of course, nobody’s going to write a genuine recommendation unless they’re happy with what you’ve done for them.

So I always put my heart, mind, body, and soul into everything I do, especially for paying clients and for the causes I support.

I find reliable research or do my own research to challenge received wisdom (which is often wrong).

And I either devise new ways to improve communication. Or I find other progressive methods that already show results.


Most advice on how to get more recommendations on LinkedIn starts with writing recommendations for others. That’s nice. (And I do recommend others.)

But reciprocal recommendations can lack authenticity. Genuine recommendations are unconditional.

Other advice also advocates sending prospective referees suggested text (to make it easier for them).

But suggested text can also lack authenticity. Genuine recommendations are unprompted.

Get in touch if you’re finding it hard to get referrals, case-studies, or recommendations. And share this if you know anyone who does praiseworthy work!


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