Anatomy Of A Sales Website Homepage 2015

Websites are now easy as pie to create. Low cost, too. As anyone who just saw us on the Rocketspark stand at XeroCon2015 recently exclaimed. (Yes, you did, didn't you! *blush* *award* *blush*) But that doesn't stop over-spending on web design. It wouldn't matter if expensive websites actually help sales. Sadly, they often don't. Sure, they look professional, pretty, and promising. But many miss these essential homepage elements:

1. Call To Action (CTA)

TREACL's clients are used to hearing us bleat on about CTAs. That's the one main thing you're inviting visitors to do. In our case, it's a single big fat red button to click for Help My Sales Right Now.

Without a CTA, you're leaving to chance whether or not a visitor's going to take any action at all on your homepage!

Oh, and there's plenty of science about where to place the CTA button, its colour, its shape, and its text.

2. What's In It For Visitors

OK. We're all used to writing "value propositions". They've got so out of hand, though! Usually way too long, overly-complicated, corporate gobbledygook.

You've got mere seconds (fewer than 5) before most homepage visitors abandon it. So this is your one chance to spell out exactly what their visit could do for them in enormous letters and few words.

In our case it's simple: we do sales everything. Our CTA button helps too, doesn't it?

3. Relevant Visual

Get a nice high definition image, graphic, or diagram that backs up what you do. Make sure it's authentic - ie your own, if possible - and not some over-used stock imagery. If you have to use a stock image, check it on Google Images to make sure you're not one of thousands using the same thing!

Our photo is of a presentation given at London's Dominion Theatre. (Been wanting to slip that in!)

4. Fold Tease

The fold is that part of a web page that falls below the bottom of your screen. Now, we're all used to scrolling, especially on mobile devices! So it pays to show visitors instantly that there's more content lower down.

We do that using down arrows, and text that's half poking out from the bottom of the screen! It's tricky to do because your visitors use so many different devices and screen resolutions. But, if you play around a bit (or just copy ours) and check it on a few different devices, you'll already be way ahead of most websites.

5. Testimonials

It used to be that testimonials were tucked away in the About Us section of a website. Turns out, not many visitors are immediately interested in Us! (Don't cry.)

But they are interested in what others say about us. Why? Well, nobody likes to make a mistake alone, safety in numbers, and there's an audit trail about your work to show that plenty of people liked it.

6. Mobile Enabled

Come on, guys. Everyone's doing it! We're all looking at websites on our mobiles now. So it's hardly worth redesigning your website without making it work on hand-held devices.

Gone are the days when you had to spend extra on making your website work on mobiles. These days, as long as you have a decent website system, it's as easy as flicking a switch.

Of course, our website system is the super-decent system from Rocketspark. So mobile-enabling your website really is simply flicking a switch!
Don't let your website company get away with charging you extra for a mobile site!

7. Empty Space

Aah! How refreshing! The majority of your website pixels should be given over to blank space. Just because the space is there, doesn't mean you have to fill it!

Remember: make every pixel count towards your main goals. Everything else is superfluous at best, distracting clutter at worst.

What next?

If you've got a few of these elements, you're doing well.

But to really get the most out of a sales website, ask your web developers if they can install some of these features for you. Or ask us to do it!

Go on, then. Tell us what we've missed!


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