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Getting everything in its right place can be like sucking on a lemon

Do progressive organisations know what strategy, processes, and systems they need to have in place in order to achieve their growth potential? If they do, can they get them all lined up and in place to serve their own and their clients' needs?

Knowing what to do and actually doing it are two different things. Trying things out can be a bit like sucking on a lemon. It can be so unfamiliar it's uncomfortable. But, when we sort out the colours in our heads, then we can line up all our resources, figure out what's missing, learn new competencies, and execute.

This is also a post about experimenting and finding a new trajectory. Radiohead's "Kid A" record wasn't easily received by everyone. But, soon after its release, they performed it to a crowd who already knew all the words to every song.

Never assume that new vibes won't go down well.


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