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"a really excellent resource to use on sales presentations"


Eric Pengelly
Senior Director, Global Account Management
K2 Corporate Mobility

David has been a really excellent resource to use on sales presentations. He has been able to provide a different perspective on the sales process giving ourselves a 360 view. The quality of his work and speed of response has been second to none.

"easy to transition into real situations that have paid off"


Jeremy Asher
Wilson Wright

I recommended David a while ago but wanted to update this as the insights he gave on a course are still having an impact today. Whilst he will he give you useful hints and tips, it is the role play scenarios where you get to practice in a relaxed but professional environment is where I felt the real benefit and found it easy to transition into real situations that have paid off. I still recommend him today.

"double the billing partners than any previous year"


Simon Rigg
Sales Director
Blizzard Group

since working with David we have vastly improved our Sales Process and this had a direct impact on our Sales Performance, signing double the billing partners than any previous year.

"This guy is serious. He gets results. Quickly."


Mark Wilson
Sales Coach & Product Training Manager
IVC Commercial

If you’re looking for a cosy chat with a consultant to pass the time of day and make you feel warm and fuzzy, stroke your ego and gently nudge the status quo - then this is NOT your man. BUT if you’re looking for a dynamic, challenging, perceptive and super-focussed, results-based coach to open your mind - then here he is: David Chernick of TREACL.

Rarely, if ever, have I met a more unconventional business-person. Don’t judge a book by its cover. This guy is serious. He gets results. Quickly. And if you know me, I hardly ever use this platform - but I’ll make an exception for David as he’s well worth it. And he loves Fever 333. How many of you have even heard of them? Exactly. Hire him.

"our secret weapon"


Marius Vetrici
Founder & CEO

David is our secret weapon when it comes to sales. His advice helped us become better at sales, be more aware of the way people buy and like to be sold to, and ultimately to close more.

"unlock revenue you probably didn’t even know you could discover"


Al Tepper

David is a phenomenon. A sales legend who will UNcoach all the BS you’ve probably been taught and help you unlock revenue you probably didn’t even know you could discover. Talk to this guy if you’re wanting to grow your sales. I know, I did, I’m grateful.

"One meeting was enough to realise the positive impact David will have"


Mahul Shah
Owner and CEO
Silwoods Estate Agents

After initial consultation, David has put together a focussed plan to action to help grow my business. Fully on board with his ideas, David has created monthly, quarterly and 6 month targets to ensure I achieve my goals and beyond. One meeting was enough to realise the positive impact David will have on my business from both a financial and business planning perspective.

"Very happy with the outcome and would highly recommend"


David Share
Chief Operating Officer

David did a great job for us with his Sales Director Programme. He enabled us to successfully understand and build the right personas of our ideal clients and their employee contacts for direct marketing purposes. In addition to this he established a qualified long-game sales pipeline strategy specifically in relation to the work that he did. Very happy with the outcome and would highly recommend David to any business looking to increase their sales pipeline effectively.

"His ability to simplify ideas and techniques has been a great help to me and the team"


Alexander Wheeler
Training and Development Manager

Having recently started a new role as a sales trainer, David's telephone coaching has been invaluable.

His ability to simplify ideas and techniques has been a great help to me and the team I am working with. I am looking forward to working with him in the future and tapping into his vast knowledge and experience.

"very positive results"


Andrew Millet
Managing Director
Wisteria Accountants

In just a few month David has changed our approach towards sales..... with very positive results.

"dramatically improved"


Adam Leyens
Heath Crawford Insurance Brokers

I can't recommend David highly enough.

He's dramatically improved our telesales scripts, coached other telesales staff, streamlined our marketing emails and made our client reports punchier and sharper. He sourced and implemented our CRM system, tailored it to make it more efficient for our particular requirements and trained other members of staff to use it. He's also worked with us and our trade association to simplify the process by which brokers, insurers and clients share information, making it easier for us to provide reviews for clients and quicker for clients to make sure they're getting the best advice.

David has helped increase the number of leads and cross-selling opportunities we generate from around 100 per year to around 1,200. Our conversion ratio is also better. On a personal level, I've found David to be direct, straight-forward and also fun to work with.

"You're a genius!"


Justin Lester
Quotient Chartered Surveryors

You're a genius! Thank you for setting up our whole sales process so that we can target new clients effectively and stay on track with proper sales practices, and for being flexible

"They are flying (all of them) and we've never had such amazing results"


Gary Benardout
Specialised Training Services

I just wanted to say a massive thank you and 'wow' for what you have done with the new guys. They are flying (all of them) and we've never had such amazing results from new starters. I know how much work you put into them and it's clearly paying off for everyone.

"a superb coach"


Nikos Komninos
COO South & Western Europe
IPG Mediabrands

David taught me everything I know about Sales. His approach to selling changed and improved my thinking about sales & marketing. David is a superb coach and manager. Furthermore, his willingness / eagerness to learn from the people he associates with could only have helped him become better at what he does. I recommend him without reservation.

"invaluable. He left us in much better shape"


Marc Fels
The HGV Recruitment Centre

David's input to our sales process has been invaluable. He left us in much better shape than we he started. If you want someone to challenge you and see you business with fresh eyes then he is the man!

"highest sales figures for new-starters since we started the business"


Gary Benardout
Specialised Training Services

The employees reacted very positively to the new new on-boarding and sales training regime training and have gone on to produce the highest sales figures for new-starters since we started the business. David's methods are effective, well thought out and he has understood our business and our needs precisely.

"increased sales!"


Adam Forman
Bay Media

David's unique and flexible sales coaching has helped make our sales team more productive and most importantly increased sales!

"brought structure to our sales process"


Jake Saunders
Business Development Manager
Meet The Real Me Ltd

David was great from the start. He definitely helped me individually in the early stages of my sales career, especially dealing with customers. He brought structure to our sales process and provided us with a simple but very effective way of going about selling our product.

"Really excellent."


Adam Bates
Global Partner, Forensic

I shared a platform with David at a seminar. I was really impressed with the quality of his presentation; both the content but also the style with which he delivered it. I have pretty high standards for presentations, David was really at the top end. Lots of energy, humour in the right places and banging home the key messages. Really excellent.

"captures the attention of his audience completely"


Nick Webber

I have heard David speak several times now and he is very well informed but also captures the attention of his audience completely. I look forward to hearing him again

"Incredibly up to date with current trends and innovation."


Joshua Morris
NW Clean

Incredibly up to date with current trends and innovation. Can't wail till our next session.

"proved highly beneficial to Chappers"


Lloyd Chapper
Managing Director
Chappers Ltd

For straight talking mentoring, you can count on David Chernick. David proved highly beneficial to Chappers Ltd and to me personally - Tea and biscuits included...... thanks David

"a rare mix of passion, insight and experience"


Onic V. Palandjian
Group RMC

David is a passionate and knowledgeable expert that helped make my TEDx talk really thought-provoking. David not only focuses on the practical side to public speaking but also spends time on the psychological orientation and "getting your mind right". He brings a rare mix of passion, insight and experience to help people like me that want to excel at public speaking. I would recommend David to anyone who need to improve their communication skills.

"enthusiasm and expertise"


Brian Varley
Founding Director and CEO
Executives On The Web

I have known David for a number of years as a member of SAFER working with the Met. Police to address the growing concerns of fraud in the area of recruitment.

David has always been a tremendous contributor enthusiasm and expertise comes out in any projects that he has been involved with.

I look forward to continuing our professional relationship in the future.

"few could match his expertise, knowledge and holistic approach - don't pass up the opportunity"


Agneta Hjort
Senior Director, Strategic Client Engagement and Business Development

David is an astute, engaging and exceptional person. There would be few people that could match his expertise, knowledge and holistic approach. David is passionate about what he does and this coupled with his desire to constantly innovate shines through in his interactions with others. His creativity and delivery finesse brings a new dimension to presentations, prepare to be thrilled! Time spent engaging with David is time very well invested indeed - don't pass up the opportunity. I highly recommend David to you.



Matt Foster
Managing Partner
Search to Search

David has the ability to take an interesting subject and present it in a riveting manner. Only attend one of his presentations if equipped with external oxygen tanks, as he leaves you breathless.



Linda Saleh
Group Human Resources Director
Nanosynth Group PLC

David listens carefully to what is required and then comes up with an innovative response

"a strong & pragmatic approach"


Mark Braund
Parity Group PLC, BCN Group, NFS Technology

An acute awareness of the commercial risks faced by employers along with a strong & pragmatic approach to helping organisations mitigate these risks - David has 'walked the talk' with credibility & integrity - I value his input

"skilled at communicating"


Alex Clayton
Head of Change
Weatherbys Private Bank

David is a charismatic person who is very skilled at communicating in a relevant and engaging manner.

"resulted in us doubling our number of clients"


Mark Milner
Group Global Marketing Director

David's sales leadership resulted in us doubling our number of clients and broadening our capabilities. He continues to inspire enthusiasm and create opportunities for our business.

I'd recommend him to anyone with a pressing business problem.

"meticulous yet dynamic approach"


Nick Palmer
HR Operations Director
G4S Security Screening

The consummate professional. More than just professionalism, David brings an infectious energy to his work which would always open up new and positive solutions. Always a pleasure to work with David and his meticulous yet dynamic approach is something that I have referred to in my own work. I am always pleased to see David's updates in his relentless advances in his field and I would relish any chance to work with him again.

"energy, creativity, sharp customer focus"


Stuart Lindenfield
Head of Career & Change Management Solutions

David's energy, creativity, sharp customer focus and responsiveness, allied to his strong expertise in Consulting, makes him an inspiring business partner to work with. If you don't believe me, why not try for yourself?!

"excellent communication"


Kirsten Hemingway
Strategic Sales Enablement Lead
Tata Consultancy Services

Fantastic, excellent communication. Like watching a book you couldn't put down.

"an absolute pleasure to work with"


Jodie Ruane
Senior Marketing Executive
Reed Consulting

David's willingness to share information and provide guidance was much appreciated by me as a graduate trainee when I first began working with him. His depth of knowledge (including a refreshing understanding of marketing!) combined with unfaltering motivation made him an absolute pleasure to work with.

"a terrific asset to any company"


Michael Deane
Head of Client Services
Alexander Mann Solutions

David is a proactive and diligent business development manager who I worked with in various guises. He enjoyed significant success winning business in recruitment outsourcing, graduates, HR consulting and employee screening to name but a few areas, and would be a terrific asset to any company.

"I strongly recommend David"


Graham Nutt
Director & Principal
Adaptive Resourcing

I don't think that I have ever worked with a more creative and knowledgeable sales person. His now famous presentation remains the most impressive, engaging and relevant conference address that I have ever seen. I strongly recommend David as a professional and a gentleman.

"a great asset to any organisation who partners with him"


Julie Lowe
Head of Operating Model and Organisation Design - Sky Life

David is an excellent business development consultant who displays a rare passion and enthusiasm for everything he does. I found David to have a great understanding of the HR field and yet he was still actively engaged in learning more in order that he could truly engage strategically with the businesses he was supporting as a partner. His style is engaging and his motivation infectious to those around him. David is a great asset to any team he works with and any organisation who partners with him.

"I recommend his services highly"


Ian Nicholas
Global Managing Director

David's knowledge and experience proved invaluable when dealing with clients at Reed. I recommend his services highly.

"a canny ability to highlight solutions"


Paul Siaens
Global Emerging Talent Manager
Imperial Brands PLC

Having worked with David I was always very impressed by his ability to understand the nuances of our requirements as a client. He has a canny ability to highlight solutions and provide advice and insight in way that makes him a great asset to bring to a project."

"working with him easy and enjoyable"


Richard Whale
Head of Marketing

David combines his formidable knowledgeable with a remarkable passion. His enthusiasm and energy never falters, regardless of the situation, making working with him easy and enjoyable.

"Death by slideshow? Anything but."


John Fletcher
Chief Financial Officer

While at KPMG David delivered what's still one of the best presentations I've seen. Death by slideshow? Anything but. Innovative, informative, arresting, and all delivered using nothing but PowerPoint.

"keeps thing simple and straight forward"


Harry Seebus
Sales Director
Seebus Special Projects

David is a well respected professional. He very well understands the actual pitfalls and threats that everybody is currently facing. He has a clear view on the action that has to be taken, but keeps thing simple and straight forward.

"I have the pleasure of recommending"


Jim Oakes
Managing Director
Financial Crime Risk Ltd

No one who has met David could doubt his passion and enthusiasm, nor could they fail to be impressed by his excellent presentation skills on the subject which are second to none. A highly experienced, skilled and respected senior specialist whom I have the pleasure of recommending.

"an asset to any organisation"


Richard Lambden
Director Of Business Development
Cambridge Spark

David has a wealth of experience and his solutions lead approach to client relationships makes him an asset to any organisation.

"the most knowledgeable person I know in his field"


Dan Angell
Chief Executive
Tristan Fitzgerald Associates

I have always had a lot of time for David. He is affable, engaging and is the most knowledgeable person I know in his field.

"I very much enjoyed working with David"


Bill Brace
Operations Director
Cordant Group

I very much enjoyed working with David. He was always proactive, professional and credible. My teams had little hesitation in introducing their top clients to David and his consulting team. I would recommend David wholeheartedly.

"His advice in these areas has been invaluable"


Jay Wood
Divisional Manager
Randstad Financial & Professional

I have worked with David on a range of matters, including consulting, outplacement, turnover, and recruitment. His advice in these areas has been invaluable, and I would have no hesitation in recommending him as a source of expertise for anyone requiring assistance.

"a very thoughtful, determined and professional approach to the development of client relationships"


Michael Campbell
CMC Partnership

David brought a very thoughtful, determined and professional approach to the development of client relationships. David clearly takes time to understand a client's detailed business requirements before proposing what he believes is the best solution. I am happy to recommend David.

"out-of-the-box thinking and innovative"


Onic V. Palandjian
Group RMC

David brought his strong business development skills that along with his out-of-the-box thinking and innovative business ideas delivered solid results. He took initiatives, needed practically no supervision and maintained a positive upbeat attitude in all his dealings.constantly made everyone around him feel that he could be depended upon to deliver.


Let's close deals together, convert your leads and referrals in to actual paying clients, and turn your business in to a scaleable sales machine!

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