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Tweep Cloud – Types of Twitter Users

You asked who I see on Twitter?

Well, here’s a tongue-in-cheek look at the types of users I see. I’ve charted them by numbers of followers, and number following. Read on for more detail. And click on the image for a larger version.

I’m on?

I joined. (Only to defend my user name against squatters, you understand.) Then I forgot. Now, where did all these followers come from?

I’m on!

I joined. Gosh. So many people to follow! Why don’t they follow back?

I get it now

Oh, so I won’t become instantly famous. Or generate hot leads overnight!

Me me me

Read my blog. Visit my website. I found a great link. (Sorry, it’s just my website again.) OMG! Look → (My website.)


Click this link to protect yourself from malware. Ha. Gotcha!

Rude Teens

Time to dig out Urban Dictionary.


Everyone says I’m likeable, trustworthy, and prepared. I just love to help.


What’s Twitter for? I click on everything, follow everyone, and tell you about my breakfast. When does the good stuff start to happen?


I can’t help it. Follow. A follower-farmer programmed me this way. Follow. I don’t know why. Follow.


I’m so pleasings I found you! I retweet everything you say. Bye!


I follow you. I click on your links. I lock out followers. I never tweet. No bio.


If I follow enough people, many will follow back. And then they’ll all become customers!

Get Rich Quick

Hey everyone. Want to know the secrets of my success. All you have to do is follow my link, enter your email address, send this to everyone you know, and add the number you first thought of.


I tweet what you haven’t twought of yet. Debate me! Grammar? I don’t need that anymore.


That wasn’t me. #superinjunction


Hi guys! Yay! Love y’all! Sorry, I won’t be on here for the next 6 months.


Hi guys! Yay! Love y’all! Sorry, I won’t be on here for the next 6 months. Tell everyone you know to follow me!

Self Proclaimed Gurus

So what if I typed in my own ‘✔’? They’ll verify me before long. I know everything. Especially social media. Oh, and I know what you’re going to say next. ‘What?’ You just said it!

Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber

Simply hashtag my name. Speculate about my next haircut for instant credence! I trend alongside world peace. And I follow true beliebers.

Recognise any? Which type are you?

Get in touch if you want to get famous for what you do!


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