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Free CRM at last! What's more: it's awesome!

I know, I know. "Free" means junk, right? Wrong!

Our friends over at Hubspot, the all-in-one premium marketing software company that's now worth $1.2 billion, have recently launched it's own CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software.

Why's it free?

Why do you think? They want more paying customers for the flagship marketing software. Clever ruse. But, since it works so well, why not give it a go?

We've been testing it. It works.

It's all online. It comes with its own mobile app. And it links to an optional and pretty swish Chrome add-on called Sidekick that lets you know who's clicking on what in your emails.

Feel like giving it a go?

We thought so. So sign up for free here. Give it a test drive.

And, if you need help installing it, setting it up, transferring all your spreadsheets and contact information, and any other sales processes, get in touch with us now. (This bit, you pay for.)


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